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 (A Small Collection of) Press Comments 

...The sound of "The Plastic Box" is definitely pushing Greek music forwards. We think, though, that the true power of the record will be made more obvious by its sound's reverberation than the sound itself. Its capability to intervene, preface things to come and reveal hidden sides of soundscapes that we until now used to consider as worn out, will then be fully appreciated. In all cases, the ones who'll choose to join the trip will be carried away. 

Spyros Alexopoulos (on The Plastic Box), "Hi-tech" magazine (GR), July 2000

Until now, success has eluded Greece in its bid for any kind of credible homegrown music. That's all about to change, thanks largely to Athens' Hitch-Hyke stable which has discovered a wealth of talent in and around the ancient city. By far, the most interesting is one man called Antonis Livieratos, whose 1998 LP "To Terastio Kitrino Pragma" (roughly: "That Huge Yellow Thing") is cut from the same organic cloth as Tortoise...  

John Mulvey & Piers Martin (on "Terastio Kitrino Pragma"("Huge Yellow Thing"))

"New Musical Express" (GB), February 1999

...This is no exaggeration: this is the revenge of independent productions.

Argy Zilos (on "Tou Charou ta dontia",("Jaws of death"))

"DIFONO"magazine (GR), May 1997

Antonis Livieratos offers Greek Rock music a new perspective...our sole advise is: Listen to this record!

Nikos Fanis (on "Terastio Kitrino Pragma"("Huge Yellow Thing"))

"DIFONO"magazine (GR), January 1998

. ...Simply testifies on how "The Great Pop-music" may arise without the use of stereotypes

Thanasis Minas (on "Terastio Kitrino Pragma"("Huge Yellow Thing"))

 "POP & ROCK" magazine (GR), March 1998

...a handfull of songs showing an infinite number of merits and lots of creative talent

Manos Bouras (on "Terastio Kitrino Pragma"("Huge Yellow Thing"))

"ZOO" magazine (GR), March 1998

Antonis Livieratos invents a strange small ornament: A Huge Yellow Thing that feels nostalgic about the future.

Spilios Tzemos(on "Terastio Kitrino Pragma"("Huge Yellow Thing"))

 "Audio" magazine (GR), December 1997

Anything new by Antonis Livieratos is a major event even if it is as short in duration as the 24 minute/ four track long "Kokkinos Ouranos". His urban lyricism is preserved, here, intact. As intact as  his ability to keep the borderline between calmness and paranoia obscure.

Thanassis Moutsopoulos (on "Kokkinos Ouranos", ("Red Sky") EP)

 "SOUND & Hi Fi" magazine, September 1999

Antonis Livieratos is, definetly one of the most thrilling personalities in contemporary greek music...

Leonidas Arvanitis (on Woofer's debute album, (produced by Livieratos))

"POP & ROCK" magazine (GR), June 1999


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